Gary Morsches


Gary Morsches is managing director of energy products at CME Group.

The U.S. Oil Boom in One Infographic

  Of all the data signaling long-term growth in U.S. crude oil production, none may be more telling than Union …

WTI Brent

A Suite of Oil Benchmarks

  Though infrastructural challenges within the global oil industry are still being worked out, yearly forecasts outlined in the IEA’s…

WTI LLS Spread

WTI/Brent Isn’t the Only Crude Oil Spread to Watch

  With the reversal of the Seaway pipeline and expansion of rail moving crude oil to refineries on the U.S….

Energy Landscape

2013 and Beyond: What’s In Store for U.S. Energy Markets?

  Despite the good news that 2012 brought to much of the U.S. energy sector, the year was a challenging…


WTI set to gain value after Seaway Reversal

  The price of our WTI contract hit a 7-month low last week, as Fox Business reports in the above…

Oil Speculation

Why We Need Speculators

  We’ve frequently seen the role of commodity speculators questioned this spring while gasoline and crude oil prices rose. But…


Impact of the Seaway Pipeline Reversal

  Next week, the Seaway pipeline between Cushing, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico will reverse, directing 150,000 barrels of…


In Support of Speculators

  Speculation – particularly in energy markets – is under fire again as gas prices continue their rise. Mark Perry…